About MedOptim

We connect Medical Scribes in Arkansas with providers and clinics to help build and implement optimization programs that increase revenue and provide more patient focused healthcare. 

We Hire Medical Scribes

MedOptim sources college students pursuing a career as a pre-health professional, and trains them to become valuable members of healthcare teams.

We Outsource Scribes to Providers and Clinics

After sourcing and training our scribes to be an integral part of a healthcare system, we offer their services to providers and clinics in Central and Northwest Arkansas.

We Offer A Lifetime of Trust & Records

With a 99% shift coverage per provider, and more than 42,000 patients documented, you can depend on us as partners in Healthcare.

Mission, Vision, and Values

Simple but powerful mission:

To reduce physician burnout – Eliminate medical error – Optimize clinical processes and promote healthcare efficiency.


At MedOptim our singular vision is to stop the physician burnout that is plaguing our healthcare system. We believe that when we do this we are ensuring the optimal care and health of our population.


To offer the most innovative and effective solutions to clinical problems.

To operate with absolute integrity.

To provide optimal benefit for physicians, clinics, and patients.

To help boost clinical revenues which will lead to improved care and care access for patients.

To leave the healthcare industry in an improved state that will last.

Our Scribes, By The Numbers

Additional Patients Per Doctor Yearly

Hours Saved Per Provider Yearly


Shift Coverage Per Provider

Increased Revenue Per Provider Yearly

MedOptim History

In 2009 the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act was born and with it some sweeping changes to the way that medicine would be practiced and the required implementation of EMR systems.

With this change, the next decade would see an unprecedented level of physician burnout and a reduction of medical care quality in the US. EMR or Electronic Medical Records would slowly be phased in until they were federally required in 2014.

From the beginning the early adopters found the EMR systems to be cumbersome and incredibly time-consuming which led to increased administrative workloads for physicians, more physicians taking home administrative work, and a reduction in physician time to see/spend with patients.

After 3 years of watching this unfold the MedOptim executive team came together and formed a simple but effective solution, ScribeNow.

ScribeNow was the answer that physicians had been waiting for, no more homework, no more staying late to chart, and lower levels of stress.

Not only was the implementation of the ScribeNow program relieving physician stress it was improving the time physicians were having with their patients and the volume of patients physicians could see.

In 2014 the ScribeNow executive team saw a chance to continue to help clinics and providers optimize their processes beyond just documentation. So ScribeNow merged with Clinical Optimizations Strategies and MedOptim was born.

Since that time MedOptim has helped build and implement clinical optimization programs for over 45 providers and clinics. These optimization programs have led to significant increases in revenue and time management models for these clinics. Our provider partners love the MedOptim family and the processes that we implement and are often the source of our newest clients.

As MedOptim continues to develop new and innovative ways to improve the physician experience we invite you to partner with us and see how the MedOptim way can increase your clinic’s revenue and reduce physicians stress and burnout.