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Primary Care

Primary Care clinics must anticipate and lead changes in care delivery. Our scribes let you focus on patient outcomes, alignment, and efficiency.


Hospitals need fast, flexible, and innovative solutions to deliver care in new and better ways. You can trust our scribes to alleviate clerical tasks.


An outpatient scribe gives you more time for patients with urgent care needs – providing a better experience and attracting more patients.


Minutes matter in orthopedic care. Our trained medical scribes help you ensure your patients get the timely, accurate care they deserve.

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Shift Coverage Per Provider

Hours Saved Per Provider Yearly

Additional Patients Per Doctor Yearly

Patients Documented

Increased Revenue Per Provider Yearly

Why Your Clinic Needs a Medical Scribe

The benefit of having a medical scribe can be summarized in one word “Time“. More time for each patient, more time for more patients, and more time for yourself.

Improve patient care

When you have a medical scribe you can spend more time with each patient without falling behind in your documentation.

Increase revenue

On average, physicians with a medical scribe in Arkansas are able to see 3-5 additional patients every day. 

Reduce charting time

Medical Scribes document your patient interactions in real-time so you won’t find yourself staying late charting.

See what others say about us

Angela Driskill - M.D., Baptist Health Wound Care

"I have been using Medoptim since 2014 and it has been very helpful to me. It helps me get through my day much more efficiently. It decreases significantly the amount of time I spend at the end of the day charting, cutting off 2-2.5 hours of work at the end of the day. My scribe is always helpful, friendly, easy to get along with, and has definitely improved our patient flow and improved my quality of life so that I'm not here charting late at night."

John Brizzolara - M.D., Brizzolara Urology and Associates

"One of the other physicians in the group was using a scribe, and I decided I'd like to try that. I have seen my number of patients return to 30-35 on a half day with a scribe, and I am actually getting out of the office 45 minutes earlier now than I was before EMRs. I am very, very pleased with the scribe system, I wouldn't even go back to dictating!"

Richard M. Adams - DPM, Granbury, TX

"For the past three years, I have been using a company based in Little Rock, AR called Medoptim. They are a remote, electronic based scribe service so there is no need to have another person crowding the exam room. They enter all pertinent information directly into my EHR and are literate in many, many different EHR formats. My only responsibility is to review and proofread/sign my notes. The service is fantastic! Not only have they made my life easier, but they remind me when I forget to "dictate" certain aspects of the patient encounter, thereby adding another layer of accuracy to my notes. They are highly recommended."